get fit Scandinavian style


Living healthily doesn’t need to be hard, If you know where to start!

Long-term change starts with small daily changes and we have a programme of training and healthy Nordic recipes to guide and support you on that journey. Based in Notting Hill, Chelsea and Kensington, our mobile team of fitness experts come to you or you can visit one of our studio gym locations around London, map locations is on our FAQ's page.

We’ll show you how to make small changes to your exercise routines and eating habits that make a BIG impact on how you look and feel. This isn’t about fads, tricks or extreme diets. This is about giving you the power and knowledge to make sustainable lifestyle changes that you can stick to long term. And we’ll be there to support you all the way!

We offer a range of customisable services and fitness plans, find out more by clicking on the summaries below.



The Viking plan is a 12-week plan for anyone who’s serious about getting healthy and fit. It comprises 3 personal training sessions per week plus a regularly updated nutrition plan designed to help you eat smart and maximise the results long after your training has finished. (You won’t find any ‘yo-yo diets’ here!) This plan is ideal if you want to kick your health and fitness level into a high gear and you’re keen to see (and feel) results quicker. Over a 12-week period, we’ll provide with 3 training sessions per week paired with our Nordic Diet meal plans and a monthly food and nutrition review. The plan can also be extended if preferred.


Mum's the word, when it comes to staying healthy when you’re pregnant or a brand-new mum, you need an experienced pre-natal personal trainer you can trust. We’ll create a bespoke fitness plan that’s safe for both you and your baby coupled with the right Nutritional advice. Get back in shape with our safe, tailor made workouts in a fun environment. 


The Nordic lifestyle plan is designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to maintain a healthy, Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle - by yourself with coupled our support. This is a plan for anyone who wants a more sustainable training plan for the future. So, if you’re looking to start a steady level of fitness or you are looking to simply supplement your other sporting activities, this is the plan for you. It comprises of 2 personal training sessions a week with a qualified personal trainer of our team as well as on-going advice on healthy eating with our Nordic Diet meal plans.                                      


Yoga is a great way to relax the body and mind, not to mention improve muscle tone and posture, we offer personalised yoga sessions and classes. You can either have a 1-2-1 session with our experienced instructor or sign up for group sessions with your friends. And why not try Yoga in the park with us, breath fresh air and get fit in nature.