Mum's the word

If you are a mum to be or have recently become a mother, we can help you with your pre or postnatal training.  You choose your venue and a training time at your convenience. We will make sure you feel secure and confident in the hands of our qualified trainers. Our training sessions are bespoke to you and always variable and fun. We have created two special packages for mums to be and super mothers that want to get fit again.

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We offer you fun and effective workouts tailored made to suit you. If you are mum to be we take you through safe and progressive exercises to keep you active and healthy throughout the pregnancy, which will help you with childbirth and to manage any weight gain. For mothers we help you to shed any unwanted baby weight, show you easy ways to get back to a Fit you and regain the body shape you desire. All our workouts include various safe weight based exercises, body weight movements, TRX exercises, Boxing, Cardio intervals and much more. And all of our workouts can be performed either from home or outdoors.

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Studies show that mothers-to-be who regularly exercise their core muscles can expect to experience shorter labours, reduced lower back and pelvic pain and faster recovery after childbirth.

Everyone’s different; pregnancies – and Post Natal recovery – progress differently. Choosing 1:1 sessions rather than Pre/PostNatal classes enables your Trainer to design a programme specifically for you, to help you enjoy your pregnancy to the full and to recover faster after the birth.

scandinavian fitness, pre and postnatal fitness, training, personal training, london, notting hill, get fit

By retraining your muscles to activate properly, you will be able to cope more easily with the changes your body is undergoing, and the demands of the months to follow.

The sessions will also help boost your immune system and circulation, and will provide the energy levels needed to enjoy your pregnancy more fully, prepare better for labour, and recover faster afterwards. So join us with fun, safe and effective sessions to get you back into shape!