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Nick Johnstone, Property investor

I have been training with Linda for 10 months now and my fitness, health, and how I feel has changed dramatically. Having suffered a leg trauma in Summer 2015, I wanted to rehabilitate my leg, feel stronger, healthier in my body and create a positive energy for myself.

Linda massively helped me achieve all those personal goals I had set myself and more!  I lost just under 2 stone in weight, I look so much better and feel amazing inside. Linda talked me through every step of the way including diet changes and the results have been amazing!  I am running again and get compliments on the way I look from colleagues and friends alike.  I would recommend Linda to anyone wanting to achieve their goals.


Sandra Egalu, Marketing 

I started training with Linda when I was 16 weeks pregnant and continued right up to having the baby. She is an expert in pre- and postnatal training and always adapted the exercises to my stage of pregnancy. The sessions were fun and varied and helped me stay strong and supple in pregnancy. I believe I recovered much quicker after giving birth thanks to staying fit right until the end. 

What can I say, I took up training again 8 weeks post baby and got back in shape in no time with a little help from Scandinavian Fitness!

David Silcox, Relationship Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

I have been training with Linda for over 5 years and find her personal training fun and motivational. Unlike going to a gym her sessions are varied and challenging. If you want to get fit, please contact Linda for a tailor made training program to suit your needs and achieve your fitness goals this summer.

Sarah Colegrave, Founder, Sarah Colegrave Fine Art

I have been trained by Linda for the past six months and have noticed a great difference and improvement in my general fitness and body shape. She is a lovely person to work with and although sympathetic she pushes me hard at the same time. I always come away from our training sessions feeling much better for it.

Some of our clients in action

Adam Kellett, Execution Algorithm Research and Development at Wadhwani Asset Management LLP

Linda has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months and she has helped me achieve great results. She has helped me with weight control, fitness and has really inspired me to change things for the better. We've trained both in the gym and outside. Linda has a great knowledge of training techniques suitable for both. I can highly recommend Linda as a great personal trainer.

Nicola Coats, Account Manager at Warner Brothers

I have only been training with Linda from Scandinavian Fitness for a relatively short time but the impact she has had on my fitness levels has been remarkable.

When I first met Linda I had gone through some personal changes and was not feeling too strong or motivated but her determination and belief in me changed all that.  

Linda does not hear negative only positive and you really do start to believe in yourself working with her. The sessions themselves are always varied so you never get bored and they are always fun.  There are some days when you just don't feel like you have the energy to train but Linda has this remarkable ability to listen, understand and then engineer the session so you suddenly realise you have achieved more than you thought you could and feel great.

Linda really cares about the whole you so she will advise you on diet and nutrition as well as prepare personal training routines you can do in between the sessions all of which are designed toward you achieving your goals, be they long term or short term. One of my goals was to fit in a special dress for a film premier Linda has upped that to getting me in the dress and making sure I look and feel amazing!

I am delighted I found Linda and I intend to train with her for a long time, way past the film premier and all my initial goals!


Jenny Curran, Senior Executive Support at Brooks Macdonald

I started training with Scandinavian Fitness in summer 2010. I exercise regularly but felt that I was stuck in a routine and wanted a bit of inspiration and direction to help me increase my stamina and confidence so I arranged a meeting with Linda to see how Scandinavian Fitness could help me achieve my goals.  The programme I have received has included nutritional advice, relaxation techniques and a huge amount of support. Linda even emailed me a programme that I could do by myself whilst I have been recovering from a recent ankle injury. The sessions are varied with lots of new challenges every week and I have definitely felt my fitness and confidence improve as a result.

I would recommend personal training sessions with Scandinavian Fitness to anyone whether you are new to exercise or a regular exerciser and looking for a challenge. The support and motivation you get from the trainers is second to none.



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