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Toral is a nutritional scientist and chef and she is the writer of our Nordic Diet nutitional plans - she has a BSc in Cell Biology from UCL and an MSc in Nutritional Medicine from University of Surrey. She is passionate about nutrition, lifestyle and the environment and how small changes in these can make a huge difference to your health, fitness and well-being. Her career in healthcare began with attending UCL medical school with a view to becoming an oncologist but this all changed when her own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and she become interested in how diet and nutrition could help prevent cancer.  Her MSc thesis focussed on the importance of diet and nutrition in the prevention of breast cancer recurrence and cancer prevention is one of her areas of expertise.

Toral doesn’t believe that the size of of your body indicates how healthy you are but instead focuses on helping you to create healthy habits including improving your gut health and eating more fruit and vegetables which allows you to naturally be happy and comfortable in your own body. Her 360 degree approach includes more than personal consultations looking at your diet and may include food shopping trips, fridge fill and cooking lessons as well as using evidence based science to ensure you are at your healthiest. 

Toral is now working on her first book explaining the science behind cancer preventing foods and sharing some of her delicious recipes. In her spare time, she loves to travel, surf and try out a huge range of fitness classes so she can enjoy exploring food around the world. She is also an ambassador for World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK), Breast Cancer Now and The Haven after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender age of 29.


The Nordic Diet

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The Nordic Diet is all about eating locally sourced seasonal ingredients in a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and beneficial fats. The traditional diet of Northern Europe emphasizes quality homemade and homegrown food—with an attempt at moving away from processed foods—and consists of a wide variety of grains, berries, vegetables, fish, poultry, and game meats. Not only is a Nordic diet comparable in terms of nutrition to the celebrated Mediterranean diet, but it also provides an easy plan for eco-friendly eating. 

Our meal plans includes the elements, ingredients, and basic philosophy of eating a Nordic diet with information on the nutritious benefits of each ingredient. We assist you with healthy recipes—from breakfast smoothies, inspirational lunch ideas, yummy dinners and healthy desserts—and teach you how to incorporate the principles of the Nordic diet into your everyday cooking routine.

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