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At Scandinavian Fitness we take inspiration from the Nordic outlook on life. We believe that exercise and nutrition should be an integrated, fun and easy part of your every day life, rather than another thing to beat yourself up about.

The Scandinavian Fitness team is made up of some of the leading female personal trainers in London, educated to the highest level and with many years’ experience.


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Global Fitness Entrepreneur  and former Elite Athlete Linda Hedenstrom is one of the World's most sought after Personal Trainers, she has trained with both Hollywood Stars, Professional Athletes and World Leading Entrepreneurs. Being a naturally talented athlete Linda found herself at the tender age of sixteen winning her first individual national competition and becoming the youngest (and shortest) athlete to be accepted into Sweden"s rowing team. 

Subsequently, she suffered a tragic career ending injury, which formed the foundation to her new passion in life: helping others to achieve their dreams through fitness and a healthy living. With a lifetime of knowledge in nutrition coupled with her experiences gained from competitive sport and extensive studying, Linda is the ultimate coach.

Linda is the creator of our training programs which includes various training methods such as, Olympic lifting, Kettlebells, Boxing, Animal flow, Tabata, Yoga, HIIT intervals, Mobility and Flexibility. The way the programmes are structured will get you fitter and stronger faster, no more wasting time training for long duration without results. Training with Linda is always fun, innovative and effective, no sessions resembles the other. Her motto is,Life is for living, be happy, exercise to stay fit, eat well to stay healthy and laugh as often as you can!

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Originally from Leeds Ruth came to London five year ago to pursuit her passion for dance and Fitness. She may only be small, but looks can be deceiving. Ruth is full of positive strength and energy, which she makes sure to pass onto her clients. Starting her career as a professional dancer in which she achieved a BA Honours Degree, she naturally progressed into the fitness industry where she incorporates her dance and gymnastic background in her elaborate sessions. 

Ruth always makes her training session’s fun and interesting with her wide knowledge of different training methods. Weather you wish to learn various weight training movements or learn to balance on your head! She will assist you to progress and excel.

As a private goal Ruth is currently in the process of training for her first fitness competition and constantly is eager to progress her personal skills. She is a great believer in setting yourself goals, however big or small, and will ensure you achieve them.                     


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Vesi is originally from Bulgaria and this fourth something year old lady is a true Strong Woman. She loves to teach weight based workouts mixed with body weight training to make the workouts interesting and goal orientated. Vesi has been involved in sports since a young age taking part in the School Athletics Team which formed her love for fitness and her passion for Strength Training came after joining a local Weightlifting Gymnasium now over twenty years ago.

Being a trainer for a long duration Vesi uses her extended experience and knowledge to create fun and elaborate workouts for her clients and her passion for the profession truly shines through in her sessions.

Her interests lays in always staying on top of the latest health and fitness researches and attending seminars. With Vesi you will increase your strength and sculpt your body by using our scientifically proven training approach and taking into account your individual goals and fitness level.

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Luana has been in the fitness industry since the beginning of 2001 and in that time Luana has worked alongside many talented professionals amongst, boxing Coach Don Charles the coach of former heavy weight British Champion Derek Chisora. During this experience Luana learned the art of extensive boxing training and the importance of technique and safety which she includes training with clients.

Luana has also worked with the former GB TEAM 100 meter sprinter Andrew Mensah, where they together trained on a daily basis in track and field for three years.  With this amazing experience Luana mixes athletics techniques in training with clients and in group fitness environments which give clients an effective, constantly variable and fun session.

In addition to be a well-rounded and fantastic Fitness coach Luana also teaches Yoga. After travelling to India in 2012 she developed her passion for Yoga, and she is a fully qualified Ashtanga Yoga teacher.  Her Yoga sessions are challenging and dynamic, creating a practice that heals and detoxifies the body and mind. With a holistic approach to life, Luana is also a qualified Reiki master. 

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Lesly is our little fire cracker originally from Peru. She has been in the fitness industry for many years working in various countries and some of the most prestigious gyms in London where she has gained her many skills and knowledge that enables Lesly to give the best possible elaborate workouts. 

With Lesly’s Latin background she has always had a keen interest in dance and is also a qualified dance instructor as well as a personal trainer. Lesly has a genuine love for assisting people to improve their quality of life and overall fitness.

Her many specialisms include weight loss, conditioning training, nutrition advice, core stability, boxing which she implicates in her workouts with a keen eye on correct technique and posture. Lesly will give you a fun workout and make sure you reach your training goals in a safe and efficient manner. 

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Hungary born Andrea  came to London in 2008 and she boost over 15 years experience as an amateur and professional Athletics Athlete and she has competed in many events and with extensive experience and she is able to use her training knowledge to provide clients with an excellent service. 

Being an fat loss and nutrition expert Andrea creates elaborate and fun tailor made training programs for her clients including both many training methods and personalized nutritional guidance. Andrea is also an Strength and Conditioning coach and mix that in with her workout on request as well as boxing and functional exercises. 

As well as being a highly competent personal trainer Andrea also is a fun, outgoing person who loves her career of assisting clients to become healthier and fitter.

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Robyn graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science degree and has qualified with an MSc Sports Therapy degree at London Metropolitan University.

Robyn has gained great experience in both clinical and sporting environments, including at a semi-professional rugby club providing sports therapy both pitch side and at training, and providing sports massage at London Irish RFU. Working on Harley Street with a high class physiotherapist has also provided her with a wide knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries.

Robyn uses a wide range of treatments such as spinal mobilisation, sports/deep tissue massage, manual therapy, electrotherapy and rehabilitation to treat injuries. She is also an keen middle distance runner, running for clubs such as Bexley AC and University of Portsmouth Athletics Club. Completing research for two dissertations on running biomechanics and running performance has enabled her to adapt the treatment and rehab to the individual’s sport or running event. Book Robyn for you treatments and start to feel better today!