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We are excited to take you on a journey to regain control of your life, make positive changes for your body and your revitalise your mind.

At Scandinavian Fitness we take inspiration from the Nordic outlook on life. We believe that exercise and nutrition should be an integrated, fun and easy part of daily life, rather than another thing to beat yourself up about.

Scandinavian Fitness team belonging of some of the leading female Personal Trainers in London, educated to the highest level and with many years’ experience. We don’t offer you fads, our Fitness and Health solutions are medically proven and will get you the results you desire! 

Look no further – we recognize that change starts with small daily habits and we have a programme of training and healthy Nordic recipes to support your transformation. Based from Notting Hill, Chelsea and Kensington our mobile team of experts come to you and show you what you are really capable of achieving or visit one of our Studio gyms locations based around London.


      be healthy and fit with us in 2017

Home training

A member of our team will come to your location to train with you and we cover all of Central London, UK. We always travel with equipment and we also provide you with Online home training programmes.

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Pre / PostNatal Fitness

We assist many mums to be to stay healthy and fit throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth we assist mums to get back into tiptop shape again. We offer a vast variation of safe pregnancy exercise programmes as well as tailor made postnatal workouts.


If you prefer to train in an fully equipped Gym we operate from various Studio Gyms around, London, UK. Where you can learn more about our tailor made weight training workouts.

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optimum weight loss

If you are looking to loose weight and tone up for a special event or you just want to look and feel better we can assist you to reach your goals with our specially designed weight loss training and healthy eating programmes.                                                     


Come along and train with us from our beautiful private square in Notting Hill, Pembridge Square. We also come with equipment to your location of choice.              

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If you have suffered an injury and need assistance with Rehab exercise our experienced team can help you. If you want to improve your posture, learn how to move and feel better we will show you how to with our corrective postural exercise programmes.


Train Together


Train Together


Congratulations on taking the first step towards better health, greater confidence and peace of mind! 

We believe life is too short not to live life to the fullest. Yes, quality of life is also related to your health, and it all starts here. Get fit, get healthy and improve your quality of life with our team. The good news: it’s not as difficult as you might think! Working out is actually easier when you know what to do in order to achieve the results you want. We have the know how to equip you for a future that is under your control.  Believe us when we say, your body will thank you!

Lead by one of the World's leading Celebrity Personal Trainers and former Elite Athlete Linda Hedenstrom, Scandinavian Fitness all female team will change your life. Linda has been responsible for creating amazing Celebrities bodies in Hollywood and today she guides Scandinavian Fitness team belonging of some of the leading female Personal Trainers in London, educated to the highest level and with many years’ experience.


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