the Viking plan

Looking to get results fast? This intensive programme transforms your body, boosts your metabolism and re-wires your eating habits in just 12 weeks. Over the course of the plan, we’ll help you shift unwanted body fat while sculpting a stronger body that boosts your metabolism long after the programme ends.

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The Viking Plan includes comprehensive support from your personal trainer in person and via email as well as expert nutritional support every week. Your trainer will teach you the latest scientific methods in a way that’s tailored to your lifestyle and to making sure you know how to maintain your results.

With The Viking Plan, you will receive three personal training sessions per week, plus monthly nutritional advice to help keep your eating focussed and on-track. And we’ll never ask you to go hungry!

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Each training session is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you want to change your body shape, lose body fat, sculpt a strong, toned body or all three.

Our meal plans will help you re-educate your mind and body to help you choose nutritious food that boosts your metabolism and gives you long-lasting results. 

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Our training programmes are tailor made to suit your training specifics and training goals. We will coach how to achieve sustainable results in s short space of time. We adapt a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating exercise, nutrition and lifestyle methods helping you to look and feel fabulous. 

You will receive 36 x 60-minute personal training sessions with our team of Personal Trainers over the 12 weeks.

The Viking plan can be extended to any length of time.


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Our nutritionist will assist you to stay on track with your eating habits, inspire you with our delicious Nordic diet recipes. With our nutritionst monitoring your results with the latest body composition analysis to ensure that you remain highly motivated throughout. Our proactive support allows us to immerse ourselves in your lifestyle and provide the most relevant support and recipes helping you to eat beautifully every day. 

Read more about our Nutritionist on Nordic Diet method here.