The Nordic lifestyle plan

Designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to maintain a healthy, Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle - by yourself and with our support. This is a plan for anyone who wants more than just a quick fix that only lasts until winter. If you’re looking to maintain a steady level of fitness or you simply want to supplement your other sporting activities, this is the plan for you. It comprises of 2 personal training sessions a week with a personal trainer of our team as well as on-going advice on healthy eating.

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This programme personally coaches you on our Nordic Diet Nutrition Method for impressive weight loss and positive habit change. We provide you with the science, the structure and the motivation to be healthy and active in a structured and balanced way. This programme helps you to understand how to eat for optimum nutrition the majority of the time, and most importantly how to integrate meals out and to enjoy pleasures of food and wine without trend dieting.

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We go so much deeper than nutrition, with support to create the building blocks for optimal health including fantastic personal training sessions, home exercise plans, practical lifestyle advice and the steps for permanent lifestyle changes. Minimum adviced period is 6 months.

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Our training programmes are tailor made to suit your training specifics and training goals. With our lifestyle plan we will educated you how you exercise independently in the most effective manner in addition to your personal training sessions. We will help you adopt the right mind set to succeed in your programme for a healthy independent lifestyle. Our practical support will help you build your new foundation habits and make positive lifestyle changes ensuring long-lasting results.

You will receive 2 x 60-minute personal training sessions per week with our team of Personal Trainers for the duration of your choice.

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Our nutritionist will assist you to stay on track with your eating habits, inspire you with our delicious Nordic diet recipes. Following your initial consultation, we coach you in-depth on our Nordic Diet method with easy to follow programs and recipes. With our expert nutritional support providing you with all the materials and information you need to succeed you will achieve the ultimate results.

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